Mission, Values & Strategy

It is an exciting time to be in business today. Along with all the new
challenges that change brings, there is tremendous opportunity.
Most important of all, the opportunity to make a difference.

Our Mission

We exist to create value for our customers. By eliminating waste and producing only what the customer wants, we make the best use of our resources. Leveraging on our experience and in-depth knowledge, we provide:

  • Accurate and fast responses,
  • Quality products at competitive prices,
  • Reliability of supply,
  • On-time delivery,
  • Development of new products and services to meet changing needs.

Our Values

Our values guide us in all of our actions. Our responsibilities to our stakeholders motivate us.

  • Customers – We always guarantee the integrity of our products and services.
  • Employees – Health, safety and professional development are our priority.
  • Suppliers – We source responsibly and develop a long-term partnership view in our purchasing policies.
  • Environment – We constantly strive to limit our impact on nature.

Our Strategy

Our way forward to grow sustainably and profitably is to continuously develop our existing portfolios and to embrace LEAN practices. We encourage every employee to be entrepreneurs, to find creative solutions for our customers’ success. We are preparing for the future by investing in new facilities and equipment to strengthen our leadership position in targeted market sectors. Our investments include a new state-of-the-art facility, bigger chemical blending capacity and increased warehouse footage and capabilities.